December blues….

California dreaming.......

This is my first UK december for several years now.  I do love Cornwall during the winter months when it’s quiet and peaceful, but this cold weather….brrrrrrr.  My first problem comes with my lack of winter clothing.  Ive got a few great coats and a couple warm hoodies that the lovely people at O’Neill send me for work, but I’m definitely lacking on warm clothing front. Im torn between parting with my £’s on a new wardrobe, or booking myself a seat to warmer climates for the same price!

The surf since returning from my trip to california has been pants.  I have surfed once in nearly a month now ( and that surf was completely rubbish!) so Im feeling a bit rusty to say the least. It’s really been impossible to get in on a longboard at all around here where I live.  We’ve had such strong winds and really large swells, completely unsuitable for riding my new longboards. It’s definitely been a bit of a shock to the system after such a great surf filled trip to california back at the start of November.

The forecast for surfing conditions here in North Cornwall are looking dismal for the coming week ahead too, with monster swell and hurricane force winds. I’m not going to be getting in the water for a while yet and it’s driving me crazy.

I am looking forward to a trip to California in February for a few weeks, but have a funny feeling I might have to take myself off somewhere a little closer to home in hope of finding a few waves, and hopefully a nice bit of sunshine to accompany it!


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