Cornwall in December…..


We’ve had some really wild weather here over the past couple of days.  It’s been hard to get outside between the hail and heavy showers, and once you’re out there you’re blown away by 70mph winds.  It’s also been really chilly and I’ve spent most days looking like I’m about to conquer everest – wrapped up in layers of clothing and even wearing my coat indoors. Thank goodness for my wonderful pair of celtic sheepskin boots!  It’s also very cold in my house – we’ve got no heating and a have a little woodburner than needs to be installed -the weather has just been too bad for anyone to do any work on it so it’s sat here waiting patiently.

I popped out this morning to see what the weather and surf were doing – no surprises that it was blowing a gale and the surf was huge and mess, but the sky looked pretty awesome big black hail filled clouds and some big flashes of lightning, lighting up the moorland.

The surf conditions have been pretty big lately and our little local beach has been producing some crazy waves! Definitely a bit big and heavy for my liking, but that hasn’t stopped a few crazy surfers jumping in for a fix.  I’ve been designated chief photographer to catch everyones most glorious moments, and hideous wipeouts.


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