Still no swell….

Since returning from California at the start of November i’ve been in the ocean once…..and with some horrendous conditions all along our coastline over the past few weeks that single surf is all I have achieved. As any surfer will tell you, not getting in for that small piece of fulfilment once in a while is frustrating and will just about drive you round the bend. In truth, I’ve been a bit of a misery lately and with the surf forecast looking poor for the week ahead i’ve run out of enthusiasm. So, to give myself something to look forward to and some guaranteed warmer water and fun surfs im going to bite the bullet and book myself a month in California.  I’ve been tossing up between going to Australia for a bit to see some friends (with an expensive flight) or taking myself on bit of a soul search in California by myself (cheap flight + Camper Hire) …… and today I’ve finally decided on California!

I travel a lot all over the globe, and have definitely clocked up my fair share of miles.  A while ago I thought I’d sign up to Virgin’s airmiles reward scheme – and never really thought I’d get much back from it as I tend to use so many different airlines on my adventures.  I got a little email through today though, and I’m super lucky to be able to put my airmiles towards a flight to the sunshine state at a reduced price!!  That’s pretty much what’s made my mind up……so look out california on February 6th, I’m coming to surf your warm waves and eat all your mexican food!!!!


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