California here I come…….

It’s been a few weeks now since i managed to get a surf in here in Cornwall. With a particularly stormy december the last few days have been bliss as the wind and rain have moved on.

I was spoilt with sun and surf in California back in November and have this deep inner draw to the place. In fact, my desire to be there is so strong I’ve just booked myself a sneaky few weeks in the sunshine sate during February. I’m really excited to get back on some of the long peeling waves that make this place such a mecca for surfers. It’s also a hub for longboarding, with strong communities of surfers, surf clubs along every stretch and always an array of exciting events to draw the coastal communities together. There’s lots to get involved in and for any surfer this place ticks all the boxes

Aside from my quest for warmer water and long peeling waves there is someone I would like to visit….. Whilst in Noosa at the Surf Festival in March 2011 I was lucky enough to meet some amazing people from all over the world. As I was the only female UK competitor and was what seemed to be the only international competitor to go these by myself and not as part of a boardriders club, it wasn’t long before I was taken under the wing of one of the world longest establish surf clubs. It was the members of Malibu surfing club who welcomed me in, let me watch the contest from the comfort of their marquee. On my travels I meet some great people but these guys really are something special. I was competing against Taylor Nelson, a beautiful young Californian girl who can ride her longboard with grace and style, able to hang ten in her sleep. I got to surf, compete and hang out with Taylor, her friends and her family.

I always try my best to keep in contact with people I meet and on my trip to California back in November time limited us in our ability to do everything and I didn’t get the chance to visit Taylor in her home town and surf her local waves with her. I was truly gutted that I couldnt find the time during this trip, so I’ve been conscious there have been certain things in 2011 that I didnt fulfil.

In terms of taking inspiration from my experiences in 2011 I have been thinking about how I can ensureI can fulfil my dreams and desires (ironically all of them seem to involve the ocean and surfing in some shape or form) to make 2012 an amazing year.


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