Surfboards for sale……

If any of you have visited me at home its pretty obvious on arrival that my whole family just love surfing! There are boards everwhere – the garden is full, the shed is full and even my cute little wooden home is packed to the rafters. Im not one for spring cleaning by any means, but there comes a time where functioning a normal daily life whilst trying not to ding ever board in your quiver become bit of a problem.

Having a cosy little pad is great, but when it comes to surfboards Im afraid that it’s eviction time….so regrettably several of my surfboards are now looking for new homes and owners who’ll surf them as much as they deserve. All my boards are in amazing condition – they are cared for well here. They say a cheap board isn’t great and a great board isn’t cheap – I’ve priced each board with the help of several surfer friends, and yes I’ve knocked a fair few quid off what most of them are worth!

Below you’ll find a collection of some of the boards I’ve got up for grabs – and believe me there are some absolute steals! If you would like any more information on any of the boards pop me and e-mail ash@oneillsurfacademy and I’ll certainly be pleased to tell you all you need to know.

5’10 Genuine Al Merrick straight outta California: £320

Measures: 5’10 x 20 1/2 x 2 1/2

I purchased this board in California on my last trip. It’s great for small waves and conditions like we have here in the UK. Surfper fast, super fun with a great bit of volume. Generally ride this board a couple inches shorter than your normal shortboard, or if you’re small like me this makes for a great ‘biiger’ shortboard alternative. I’m reluctant to get rid of this board but needs must hence I’m letting it go for £320 – These boards (european models made under licence) sell for upwards of £589 in stores and a californian model straight from the al merrick factory certainly a lot more! It’s barely been ridden and has a small pressure ding on the bottom that is barely noticeable as you might expect with any board thats been surfed. ( dog not included!)

9’1 Surftech Bear – Beau Young Bear Model: £550

Measures 9’1 x 22 1/2 x 2 3/8

I purchased this board as a backup for my contest at the Newquay Boardmasters in 2011. I absolutely love this board and it’s the same model I also competed on at Noosa last year as I was lucky enough to be able to borrow one whilst there. It’s so easy to catch waves on, it’s light and easy to manoeuvre. I’m really really reluctant to get rid of this longboard but after returning from california with a bag full I’m literally falling over them all. There boards are tough, durable and really strong – this make them great for travelling with and they’ll last the test of time better than a fibreglass board. Barely surfed there’s a tiny scuff on the paintwork near the nose but this is purely cosmetic. Retailing in the shop for upward of £800 it’s a bargain at £550!!!


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