Things I find Kool

I’ve been enjoying writing my own personal blog – as much for my enjoyment as yours really! I write a huge amount of content – facebook, tweets, blogs, articles, website updates, general office paperwork, emails – (you get the gist) every single day and taking on my blog for 2012 seemed like a bit of a daunting task when I started. However, I have found a bit of an outlet for the ‘me’ stuff that I have to hold back on on all my other writing.

So, today Im feeling inspired after yesterdays good weather (surprising what a dose of vitamin d can do for you) so I’m going to share some of my personal favourite things with you of late. I love discovering new things – and a lot of these come from things we find online, so here’s my contribution.

Muji Earmuffs: I’m not one to indulge in online shopping. I like to think of myself as more of  a browser! When it comes to parting with the cash for the highly desirable items I find online I’m quite glad that for my own, and my bank accounts sake that my card shrinks back into my wallet on most occasions.  The first and only bit of online shopping I’ve done online so far in 2012 was for these kool earmuffs.  Not usually the most trendy of items my boyfriends mum got him a pair for christmas. I was instantly jealous and had to have some of my own. Best of all I found out where I could get them online and they had a SALE…..soon they were mine mine mine.

Not your usual sort of earmuffs these fit round the back of your head nice and snug and are a superb fit. Such a good fit they’re easy to wear under a beanie or a hoodie. Working outside can be tough in the winter and Im really conscious about protecting my ears from the wet and cold – any surfer will tell you how scary the possibility of getting surfers ear is, and an ear infection on any scale is going to keep you away from the sport you love.

You can get yourself a pair online here:

Music for your ears….. I love music and I have a disgustingly large itunes collection. When it comes to genre it’s all pretty eclectic and I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of anything in particular. My most recent addition to my itunes library is the Black Keys album El Camino. I’ve got all their past albums and have listened to this band for years and years. Worth a listen for sure!  Also, if you love the black keys then be sure to check out their little side band Dan Auerbach and the Fast Five! Both albums are on repeat in my office – if Im a bit slow in getting to the phone its probably because I’m frantically scrambling to turn it down a bit!!

Photography: Last year in invested in a new camera. I’ve always loved photography and it’s more than likely that’s the road I would have taken had I not ended up surf coaching. My canon 550D is always by my side and my photo library is more than excessive! I also love old cameras and have a fair collection of retro plastic cameras. I love the effects the effects of old school photography – but best of all you can now recreate them with your nice new images from your shiny new camera with no photoshop knowledge required.

There’s a great little app called analog – does exactly what it says on the box – gives your photos some soul! Super simple to use and absolutely foolproof. I just love it. Check it our here:

I’ve recently also become and Iphone convert and we have an Ipad lurking in our office. One of the best apps I’ve ever downloaded for photography on the iphone and ipad has got to be snapseed. You can make your ordinary photos something completely unique and really quite special. Check it out here: Just waiting now for it to be available for my desktop!!!


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