More waves….

Another beautiful day in cornwall, though that wind has picked up and with a bit of Easterly it cuts right throughout you – chilling to the bone. Determined however to enjoy the beautiful day I wrapped up warm and grabbed my camera.  The surf today is good – it’s a shame that wind is so strong offshore as it made it quite hard for everyone out surfing to get into the waves properly and really enjoy them, but I wasn’t tempted today as I was more interested in taking photos. The light is so nice at the moment and I was kicking myself yesterday I didn’t have my SLR as the sun was setting for some nice backlit wave pictures.

This is at my local beach, Boobys Bay. Its really undeveloped and an outstandingly beautiful piece of coastline here. It also delivers some great surf when the conditions are right. It’s not the easiest of places to access so even on a good day like today it’s always nice and quiet and with plenty of unridden waves for me to photograph!


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