Some of my new favourite things…..

This week I’ve found a couple new things that I just love so have to share with you.  If you didn’t already know I love making stuff – whether it be food, something crafty or even a bit of crochet from time to time. I’m pretty artistic so some winter downtime is the perfect opportunity for me to get inspired!

The other day I stumbled upon a website called pinterest – after a quick browse I found myself highly addicted – it’s just full of amazing stuff. Everyone’s pinboards of great things they’ve discovered – everything from recipes to interior decorating there’s something to interest everyone! Check it our – I’m even tempted to make my own pinboard so watch this space……lunchtimes just got a whole lot more interesting!

I am also a great appreciator of a good cup of tea. I usually shun dusty teabags for leaf tea and have a preference for a good cup of Earl Grey. Whilst visiting my friend Susie last night to help her our with getting her blog online she brought out some tea she’d purchased from our local fresh food hall. She hadn’t yet opened them so I opted for the ‘chocolate tea’ – thats right…chocolate tea! I was skeptical at first….surely it cant be that good. I let it brew and it smelt delicious. Drinking it wasn’t disappointing either – it really was chocolate tea – hard to describe really but worth a try if you’re a tea fan.  I also sampled the liquorice and mint tea which was out of this world.

I’m definitely going to try and get hold of some more flavours. It’s not cheap but definitely worth it if you enjoy your tea. Im about to pour myself a cup of chilli chai which should be a nice winter warmer in my cold office this morning…..check out the site

Whilst on the line of ‘food and drink’ I will recommend this for any chocolate lover… If you love dark chocolate this is the stuff!!!!!

Also today I was stoked to be able to get the snapseed app for our office mac ……such a great photo app! Highly recommended….i will post some of my before and after photos from it soon!


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