A little bit of shopping…..

I don’t usually buy things for myself but I have been lusting after these slippers for so long now that when I saw them in the shop yesterday I just had to buy them. This was probably the 4th time id seen them, tried them on…and I finally decided to cough up the cash and just buy them!

They are probably the best thing I have bought in a very long time. I absolutely hate having feet like blocks of ice after every surf or surf lesson, and our office here in our wonderful log cabin isn’t always the warmest of places when sat down in front the computer all day. If you’re a bit like me and hate having cold feet get yourself a pair of these. They’re well made and really durable. Not made for wearing outside, but I did see they had rugged slip on sneakers (in bright yellow) too.

My impuse shopping spree also extended to a North Face Duffel Bag…..in fact, Im now actually really really pleased with my bag as it’s the ultime travel bag for me.

Bring very slight, 5’3 and travelling the globe (often alone) with huge heavy board bags, my suitcase is normally my arch nemesis. I’ve tried all sorts of cases and bags over the years, and never quite found one that lasts the test of time, is easy to carry with my boards. Many of the ‘backpackers’ bags are too big and awkward for my selection of tiny bikinis and sunscreen ( I travel light!). I love how handy duffel bags, but just sooooo unpractical for carrying. Luckily on my little shopping spree I stumbled upon this sturdy North Face Base Camp Duffel bag. I went for the small option, which still holds a whopping 42 litre capacity. The very best thing about it though is that it also has the straps so you can wear it like a backpack. It’s also very well made of super strong and durable materials which will hopefully cope with the amount of miles it’s soon going to rack up! The very best thing though is that it’s pink…….going to look very cool loading this into the back of my pink fiat 500!!!


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