Cornwall’s Coast…..

I mentioned a couple days ago how I was going to go and walk some coastal path with my friend susie. She is training for a trip to Everest Base Camp in April so she needs to do as much training as possible.

Donning a pair of walking boots for the first time since doing duke of edinburgh at school over 10 years, off we went to tackle some of the most difficult parts of the Cornish Coastline. Having lived in Cornwall all my life, I’m a bit sad to say I’ve never really explored the coastline north of where I live. Around the Bude/Boscastle area there are some stunning bits of coastline that I’ve seen in plenty of books but never visited, so it was the perfect opportunity to get out and see some of Cornwall’s beautiful coast.

After an hours drive we rocked up in a little hamlet just outside of Boscastle where we ditched the car. Walking and extremely muddy track on the first bit of our walk was amusing, but it wasn’t long before we were on the coastpath. The views were absolutely stunning, and the cliffs some of the biggest I have ever seen.  In fact, we’d rocked up right by High Cliff – and as the name suggests it’s really high. I actually read afterwards that it’s the highest cliff on the cornish coastline at a 223 metres (731ft). We managed to avoid all the squalls we could see coming in towards the land. With all the rain storms out to see there were some magnificent rainbows too! We spent nearly 4 hours out exploring, finishing up with a hit drink in front the open fire at The Cobweb in Boscastle.

Had a great time and a lovely (if not tiring walk).


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