Little Ellia……My Favourite mini surfer!

I’m lucky enough to get to travel around the world, and in doing so I meet many new people and make a lot of great friends. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to meet people who are so amazing and you love so dearly you can almost call them family. A couple years ago I was lucky enough to meet such a family…..they are the raddest bunch!

The Smith family rock. Tanya is the coolest mum on earth, and Brett is the ultimate skateboarding/surfing dad! Ellia and Reilly are their two beautiful children who I completely adore. Having not been back to Australia this year I’m gutted to not have seen them for a  whole year, but through the wonderful world of facebook and the internet it’s easy too keep in touch.

Ellia is 8 years old. She’s been surfing for a couple years now, completely rips and  regularly shows the local boys how to surf when she enters the boardriders surf competitions. We went on some girly surfs together and had lots of fun while I was in Australia. I was stoked when Tanya posted this little video of their recent holiday to Byron Bay. Look out everyone….we may have a future world champ on our hands here……

I can’t wait to go back to the beautiful sunshine coast. Maybe next time Ellia can teach me a thing or two…..


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