Surfy Surfy time…..

What a great run of surf! Sometimes Cornwall is the worst place to be when you surf. The wind blows onshore for weeks on end, it’s cold and you spend half your life driving around in search of the perfect wave. At other times it’s truly magical – the waves are perfect, the conditions marry together to make something extremely special and every beach along the coast lights up. It’s times like these when everything comes together that being here in Cornwall makes you the luckiest surfer in the world!

This week has been one of these truly magical weeks. The conditions have found a nice pattern of swell, sunshine (and a bit of rain, but this is Cornwall so you’d be disappointed if the weather was just normal) and the surf has been pretty good.  With our big expanses of sand, and large tides the sandbanks which are critical for making nice shaped waves can be hit and miss. At times we get the best swell on earth but the beaches don’t cooperate. This week however, every beach I have visited, surfed and and driven by has had perfectly formed and sculpted and banks, producing long reeling waves……heaven.

The best thing about Cornwall is the crowds…….or lack of them. Here in Cornwall I’ve had perfect waves with nobody out….on a regular basis! Sometimes there’s a few guys in, but all in all the atmosphere is a friendly and welcoming one with everyone taking their turn in the lineup.

There’s lots of things going on locally this weekend which I’m looking froward to. I’ve got lots going on at the moment with organising the start up of the Watergate Bay Surf Club, moving our surf school to new premises and the onslaught of the Easter Holidays fast approaching. A nice little bit of social time this weekend will be very much welcome thats for sure! Hope to see you all down at the Bay or out in the water this weekend!


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