Surfing in March – Summer’s come early……

As well as getting some great footage of my recent surfing exploits, here’s a few photos!

I have a new suit courtesy of the wonderful people at O’Neill. As well as keeping me snug at work I’ve been putting it through its paces with a bit of surfing action. With the really summery weather of late the water and air temperature has jumped right up. Off with the hood, and surprisingly few ice cream headaches for me. I’ve not even worn a pair of gloves since returning to california and I’ve downgraded my boots to a super thin pair. In fairness, I reckon it won’t be many more days before I’m booty free and enjoying getting my feet back on the board.

Having not really worn boots much over the past few years as I’ve been lucky enough to have escaped to warmer climates during the coldest months, and I really did forget how hard I find it to longboard in booties. Im beginning to get to grips with the things now though….and it’ll back to square one for me come the autumn when I’ve got to put them back on. :-/

My ‘new’ board has been sat in my board store since my trip to California in November 2011. I purchased a couple new boards whilst I was there and just haven’t got round to surfing them all. I waxed up my new 9’0 Stewart CMP board and got our amongst it. I absolutely love it – it goes so fast, and glides so smoothly….I think I have yet another ‘favourite’ board. This makes deciding what I’m going to ride each surf an even harder decision to make.

Enjoy a few shots of the past few days below…I’m sure there will be many more pictures to come very soon!


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