A beach girl can never have too many flipflops….

Thongs, flipflops, jandals….whatever you want to call them – when you live outdoors and by the beach you can never have enough of them…..

The other day, much to my disappointment after leaving my lovely little dog bojangles home alone for an hour whilst I went surfing I came home to a murder scene  – the victim…..my flipflops. Ok, so he’s still a puppy and occasionally chews up interesting stuff. After taking a closer look at and tactically dismantling my footwear leaving it strew over the living room floor, as you can imagine I was just a little bit p***ed off when I arrived home. So online I went to order some new ones – living out in the sticks it’s a good hour or more to drive to any descent shopping mall it’s always easier to shop online.

It wasn’t long before I was filling my shopping cart on the Havaianas website ….. 3 pairs later and a few £’s later a nice big parcel arrived on my doorstep…..

All I need to do now is remember to keep them out of reach of the dog!


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