The best job in the world?!

This is why I love my job - I get to teach the cutest of families to surf!!

I quite often get told that I’ve got the best job in the world. It makes me feel super lucky to think that other people consider my job to be up there amongst the great ones they’d like to do, and to be fair, I reckon I have the best job in the world too….especially when I get to teach such amazing people to learn to surf! With the Easter holidays setting into motion I have completely adored seeing some of my little surfers, who over the years have now grown up to be not such little surfers back down on the beach and in the water. In fact, some of them are absolutely ripping and could almost teach me a thing or two about surfing!!

I’ve been instructing now for almost 10 years. It’s all I’ve done since leaving school and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Whilst most people think that with my experience I spend most of my time teaching intermediate and advanced surfing, which don’t get me worng I completely love to do – there’s nothing quite like teaching someone to catch their very first wave. It never grows old……and in fact I would say that seeing someone ride their very first wave is equally as special to me every single time.

I hate to think exactly how many people I have taught to surf. I know it’s well up there in terms of figures….but what I really love about my job is how the experience of riding that first wave can change a persons whole life.  Almost on a daily basis I bump into one someone I taught to catch their first wave, sat out in the lineup with their own board, own suit and cheshire cat sized grin still enjoying the very same thing that I taught them…..riding waves! I have had postcards from students who’ve found themselves in the tropical waters of Hawaii surfing, through to people who’ve packed up their whole lives in order to follow their surfing dreams….the dream that I helped to create.

For all of you who have learnt to surf with me, and my wonderful team of instructors….and for those of you I am yet to teach THANK YOU for giving me the most wonderful job in the world!!

Hanging out on the beach with my best surf chicks - Kirstin and Sally!

One thought on “The best job in the world?!

  1. Here’s a THANK YOU from me too… thank you for teaching me to catch my first wave even though I waited way too long and was 29! I may not have my own double cab truck or camper van with my board strapped to the top ready to get away from it all every weekend YET, but you definitely helped me fulfil my surfer chick dream!

    And yes, you definitely have the best job in the world!

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