In search of small waves…..

This has to be one of the worst runs of surf here in Cornwall I can remember…. it’s beyond a laughing matter now, with all avid surfers going a little bit crazy. I dread the day the surf finally gets good again and all the crazed locals hit the water….it’s going to be messy!

With my usual optimistic approach to things, off it was again scouring the coast in the hope of a fruitful find…..and once again a disappointing result – but at least the weather was nice (not quite shorts and t-shirt weather with a chilly NE’ly breeze, but nice to feel the sun on your skin).

Found a tiny wave at Gwenver (next to Sennen Cove) and due to desperation went in for a splash. Nothing special but more than most people scored yesterday thats for sure! The coastline here is beautiful and very different than North Cornwall. With big granite boulders spilling into the sea and turquoise water with golden sand it’s a bit of a paradise!




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