Watergate Bay Surf Club

Im lucky enough to have been along to some of the world most prestigious surf clubs during my travels and endless amount of time spent abroad. The only trouble is that when I come back home to Cornwall there isn’t a surf club for me to attend – no social days at the beach, no fun surfing comps, no travel companions and no memories to be made. Whilst this has saddened me deeply for many years, I knew that in some way or another I could help change this and make our local surfing community better. After all, who doesn’t love getting together, socialising, enjoying surf culture, sharing stories?? – these are the things that bring surfers together and is sadly something that’s been missing from my local area for a long time.

I have my local surf lifesaving club to thank for every opportunity that has ever arisen for me involving surfing and the ocean. I also have my mum to thank for her endless stoke, hours spent on the beach and many miles driven in search of the perfect wave with myself, brother and friends for 18 years of our lives. I can name so many people who helped me through my local club as a little nipper achieve everything that I now have today – everything from my surfing through to my business. If it wasnt for this little loocal surf lifesaving club things might be very different for me. I’m not sure if many of those who inspired me truly know how the influences they had on how my life has panned out

I decide that right now was as good of a time as any to get the ball rolling and bring back so many of the things that have been lost in our surfing community over the years. It’s also a big chance for me to give something back to the community and hopefully inspire some of the younger generation of surfers.

Very recently the Watergate Bay Surf Club was born over some vigorous tea drinking and chocolate eating on a cold winters evening with my wonderful friends Curly Steve, Sam and Mel….now it’s all becoming a reality with membership available at the end of the month! Eeeeeeeeeek

Curly Steve – You don’t know it but you are one of those people who I have to thank for your inspiration…….. Curly Steve as was the first person I met when I first went to Watergate Bay. I had gone down for my second week of work experience to join Pat at West Coast Surfari to help with surfing lessons because I wanted to gain my surf coaching and lifeguard certificates. I’d never really spent much time at Watergate before – as a kid there were lots of old guys on longboards who’d burn you, there was bit of a newquay vibe and why ride the bus for 45minutes to get there when I could surf a 5 minute walk from my house?! The world was so big when I was 14 years old Watergate Bay seemed like a million miles away. The surf was really good on my first day at ‘work’ and in true Pat  Sweeney fashion I was given a Longboard and told to go catch some waves. At the time I’d never ridden a longboard before, but I paddled out into the lineup where a big smile greeted me. I remember being so nervous of the board, the waves, my first day of work and not wanting to kook it up on my first wave. This is where I met Curly Steve in his ridiculously bright wetsuit, big smile and contagious chuckle. He gave me many waves, cheered me on and made me feel very welcome at Watergate Bay – I saw him out on the water every day that week…..I consider him one of my greatest friends ever since.

If only more kids who feel like they live a million miles away (yes, maybe only 5 minutes in the car to the beach) can get the opportunity to meet some lifelong friends as I have ….. hopefully these opportunities will come about through our surfing club and in years to come maybe  someone else will be writing on their blog (which will probably be so oldskool by then) about how they were inspired by some of us oldies at Watergate Bay Surf Club?!

If you love surfing here as much as so many of us do head to www.watergatebaysurfclub.co.uk and get involved. Membership is available for surfers, social surfers, non surfers, surfing families……it’s a club for the people by the people, breathing some life back into Watergate Bay.


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