New Wetsuits….

With the water warming up it was a nice surprise when a box appeared on my doorstep yesterday full of new wetsuits! The ocean seems a lot warmer than than it was a few weeks ago, and when the sun is shining I have been rosy cheeked and slowly boiling away in my winter wetsuits – spending half my surf time off my board swimming around to try and keep cool. The best thing about my new suits is they’re brand new Technobutter Psycho 3 O’Neill Suits with some of the latest and greatest features in wetsuit technology – you can really see how ahead in wetsuit design the O’Neill brand is is right now – excelling in making stretchier, lighter and more durable suits than ever before! I still can’t believe that these suits just keep getting better and better every year.

My suits are used and abused every day and take a bit of a beating – surf lessons, sand, sun, surfing, more surf lessons day in day out and they still keep me as warm as the day they came out the box.

Now here’s the geeky bit for all you wetsuit fiends out there who want to know all about these new Psycho 3 Technobutter wetsuits – but you’re going to have to wait until winter to get your hands on this model of wetsuit!

SANTA CRUZ, CA  – O’Neill Wetsuits is once again at the forefront of wetsuit technology.  Technobutter is O’Neill’s new, exclusive, and most advanced neoprene ever.  In the same spirit of innovation as previous O’Neill industry firsts, such as the patented Z.E.N. Zip closure, Double Fluid Seam Weld, Triple XDS-Air neoprene, and SuperSeam Weld technology, this new material boasts a 17% lighter formula with 30% less water absorption, providing the pinnacle in lightweight, neoprene technology.

With these advances in neoprene technology and the Rider Developed – Rider Proven approach to O’Neill R&D, performance levels are at an all time high. Team rider John John Florence commented, “I have been working closely with O’Neill’s Product Development team testing prototypes with the new Technobutter material.  This new neoprene is amazing! I have no restrictions and it is so warm and light, I feel like I’m surfing in board shorts at home.” 

Along with a long list of O’Neill industry firsts, Technobutter was designed and tested in O’Neill’s exclusive R&D facility. O’Neill’s Area 52 is staffed by full time engineering, design and prototyping teams who work closely with the world’s best athletes to push the limits of wetsuit technology. O’Neill Wetsuits is still located in Santa Cruz, California, the birthplace of modern cold water surfing and the proving ground for materials, features and benefits that keep you in the water longer. This facility allows O’Neill to hand-build and refine multiple rounds of prototypes in the same fashion that Jack himself pioneered nearly sixty years ago. Extensive prototyping, fit checks, and testing in the frigid waters of Northern California provide unparalleled insight when creating the best-fitting, most-functional wetsuits on the planet. 

Big thanks to all the boys at O’Neill Wetsuits for keeping me warm and helping me surf longer…… 🙂 All we need now is some waves!!


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