Wet and Wild – Must be a typical Cornish Summer

Finally got my voice back today – it’s not perfect but at least I can communicate slightly better. I really don’t have the best job to not be able to speak – couldn’t teach a surf lesson, couldn’t answer the phone and couldn’t do a whole lot of anything when it came to chatting or communicating with my customers. However, it did mean I was able to catch up with some of my boring work on the computer…..and go surfing! After a few days of rest it’s finally come back to me!! I don’t normally get sick, but with some cold weather, long days of teaching, surfing and training sometimes something has to give.

Yesterday was back to work on the beach for me – and as the wind picked up and I had to shout ever louder my voice was waivering. Today I had the arrival of 30 school kids aged 11-12 years…again more shouting in the wind. Im just hoping I’m not back to square one tomorrow!!

It’s been pretty wild weather wise for a few days now and the unseasonably stormy weather has meant that many of my local beaches that don’t have waves during the summer months have been getting some descent swell. Tonight  just outside my house there are some bombs! Lets hope it clears up and we see some lovely sunny days again soon….


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