More small waves…..

After incredibly unseasonal stormy conditions last week and enough rain to last a month (literally a months rain fell in a couple of days) we’re back to small clean surf. It seems hard to find a happy medium surf wise lately – either massive and onshore, or barely there and no wind. It definitely makes practice and training for my upcoming comps a tiny bit difficult. I’ve been teaching a lot of lessons though which certainly helps keep me fit, and Im in the water every day. The picture above is my view over the beach at work this morning. It was sunny and bright early but the clouds have rolled over and there’s been a spot of rain! The waves are small and clean which is perfect for my students who’ve been able to progress so much, spending time outback and riding green waves after only a couple lessons. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a little more size on this evenings high tide!

It’s looking like we’re in for an increase in swell over the next few days, but with the swell comes the wind and so it’s looking like 20mph onshore wind for places like Watergate Bay. Time to get praying to neptune and scouring the coastline for those sheltered breaks once again!!!


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