The Seea…..

You’ve probably not heard of The Seea – I discovered their amazing swimsuits and surf wear on my last stint in California. In my rush around to purchase goodies to fill my suitcase I couldn’t find the Seea swimsuit I wanted in my size and has little time to run around to get one before my flight back to the england…. I was gutted! Luckily they ship to the UK, so in preparation for summer (if it ever reaches Cornwall) I’ve placed my order ….. with lots of trips to warm water planned over the coming months I’m super excited to have some stylish new swimwear to rock out!

This great little company make the cutest  swimsuits, rashgards and clothing perfect for any ocean loving girl. Made with love in California, there are lots of unique designs that are both fashionable and functional. I’m so excited to get my order through soon!!!!

With so many products to choose from I litereally wanted to add them all to my shopping cart. After lots of ummms and ahhhs I’ve ordered myself the Bolinas Swimsuit in Mint Green. I love it’s vintage style, along with the functionality it provides for in and out of the water. I also couldn’t help but order myself a Swamis Playsuit too in Waterstipe – It’ll be the perfect sun protection when I’m next cruising down the points in Noosa this winter – and maybe it’ll even be warm enough in the water to wear on my next trip to California!

You should definitely check out their website: and treat yourself to some summer swimwear!


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