BLU Crantock Day 2

After a very noisy night in the van – wind, rain and hail to the max, it was up bright and early for day 2 of the event. I’d made it through to the Semi Finals round so it wasn’t long before we were in the water. The tide was super low, the wind even though forecast to be lighter than the previous day was still blasting onshore, making even walking down to the waters edge with my longboard really tricky! The surf was still a fair size, with some large dumping sets coming through as I paddled out. The waves were heavy, with a large shoredump crashing down in knee deep water. I was a bit worried about snapping my board in the conditions, but tried to pick the better waves that were coming through. Conditions were really challenging for everyone, and it was going to be a close call as to who made it through. ¬†Unfortunately I hadn’t done quite enough to push into the final round, but was happy all the same that I didnt have to go out and surf low tide Crantock again!

The next event is in a few weeks and will be held at Perranporth…after that it’s the Boardmasters!


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