A very long day…..

So, today I was up early to take my car in for its yearly service. I stopped on the way to Truro to deliver packed lunches to the group of scouts who are visitng my surf school from the Royal Grammar School in Surrey. I was a bit jealous of their days adventures they had planned – coasteering and kayaking!

After negotiating the mornings rush hour traffic, and dropping my car off at the garage I was dropped into the City Centre and got on with a few boring tasks. Im not the biggest fan of shopping but I had a little browse around the shops, eventually finding myself in the lovely Uneeka cafe pondering over my paperwork with a hot chocolate. It was a rainy day and I certainly enjoyed a bit of people watching – old ladies umbrellas folding inside out in the wind, lots of screaming children and plenty of blokes sat on benches whilst their wives battled their way through the sale rails.

Whilst car services don’t take all that long, especially when there’s nothing to be fixed – time ticked on by and after 4 hours of people watching, hot chocolate drinking and a good old read in the travel section of Waterstones contemplating my next dream surf trip I was beginning to think that they’d forgotten about me. After a quick call to ensure they knew I was waiting it was another hour or so before my car would be ready. In typical cornish fashion, nearly 2 hours later I was picked up from the town by a chatty old fella….so 6 and a half hours later I was finally on my way home. Longest day ever!

Finished my day with a fun surf in lumpy bumpy conditions at one of my local beaches, Harlyn Bay. The sunset was beautiful but it was all a bit chilly for a summer evening! Good practice for my contest this coming weekend!

The one great result out of my Truro trip was that I couldnt help but purchase a ZOKU quickpop maker – which is basically a super rad ice lolly maker. Really looking forward to making our first Ice lollies in the office tomorrow…all we need now is a nice hot summers day to enjoy them on! I’ll let you know I we get on making my first lollies tomorrow……


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