Another cancelled contest……

It looks as though this weekends BLU contest at Perranporth is cancelled. With the forecast is looking like there is going to be small and weak conditions, with dropping swell over the weekend contest organisers have decided to postpone the event until the autumn.  I was really looking forward to this weekends contest as it’s the last chance of getting some competition practice in before the Boardmasters. It look as though I’m just going to have to get my head down and train hard instead and have my fingers crossed I can get it all together for the biggest comp of the year.

The surf here in Cornwall for us avid watergoers has been pretty dismal for many weeks now. With the Jet Stream sitting so low over us, we’re not seeing much in the way of any long period swell and have a constant stream of strong onshore winds. It’s one of the worst summers of surf I can remember in such a long time. All we can do is hope for an ‘indian summer’……or a trip abroad!



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