Hot Yoga…..

A couple of days ago I went to my first ‘Hot Yoga’ class with a friend. I’ve been to numerous yoga and pilates classes over the years and whilst I have always enjoyed it after a while I tend to opt for an evening of surfing over bending my limbs in all kids of impossible directions. My friend invited me along and I’m keen to try and improve some of my flexibility and spend a bit of time working so thought I’d give the yoga class she attends a go. The class is a 45 minute drive into the city of Truro for us so we left in plenty of time. We were welcomed into a full class of men and women , many of whom just like me were also going for their first hot yoga session. The class is held in a large studio heated to about 40 degrees C (104 F). The class itself was great for everyone at every level – I even surprised myself a little bit that I managed the majority of the postures and moves! It was soooo hot and within about 5 minutes of the class starting everyone was pouring with sweat. After an hour long class I was definitely looking forward the cool breeze outside and it was a definite relief when the windows were opened at the end of the session!

Looking forward to going again next week!!

If you live in Cornwall and are looking to attend a Hot Yoga session you should check out in Truro!


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