Stuff Beach Girls Like……

When it comes to ‘things’ I’m happiest with a surfboard under my arm, and a wetsuit slung over my shoulder. Whilst I travel light, and live a pretty modest lifestyle where ‘needs and musts’ are first and foremost and where little luxuries take a back seat in saving for travel and surf there’s one little item I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for a while…..and today I got my little pot of gold……. and not at the end of a rainbow unfortunately.

You’ve probably not heard of Betty Hula…..?!?! If you’re a surf girl, outdoor person, beach lover or spend far too much time in the elements (like me) exposed to the harsh wind, salt, sun and all the weather our UK climate throws at us you’ll soon notice the effects on your skin. It’s a daily battle of the elements vs beauty products for us beach girls!

Those who know me well will know that my makeup kit consists of….well, not very much makeup. Mascara is sometimes used, eyeliner occasionally….and thats about it.  Whilst I edge towards the natural look (mainly because I’d rather be hunting down the next wave than stood in front of a mirror) I don’t skimp when it comes to keeping my skin hydrated and cared for. Betty Hula make such wonderful amazingly hydrating skin products that smell good enough to eat and that I absolutely love I was so pleased to get my hands on a tub of Rum and Blackcurrant Body Butter today.

Be sure to head straight to their website and have a sneaky peek… to keep your skin hydrated this winter!

Santa….. if you’re reading this I would love a stocking full to keep me going through these harsh winter months! Thankyou

PS. I have been a very, very good girl!


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