Boards Boards Boards……and more Boards!

ashleigh bennetts california november 2011

I am so fortunate to have a fantastic quiver of surfboards, that unfortunately (living in a small house!) increases in size year to year…..Gradually taking over every room of my home there boards on the ceiling, hung on the wall, in the van, on the roof of the car. There’s always something special about each and every boards….memories of a good surf, a trip or a time in your life that makes ‘selling’ a beloved piece of fibreglass and foam a heart wrenching experience. On the plus side there’s always something for a visiting friend to ride!!!

I am extremely fortunate to have been asked by Tokyo Surfboards at the start of the year to ride their range of boards for 2013.  A few weeks ago I took a little trip to North Devon to pick up a Tokyo board to try out….. and I’ve been loving it ever since. With so many fantastic riders including Ben Howarth, Alex Maddox and Sarah Beardmore all riding Tokyos  – needless to say I’m stoked!

If I’m completely honest, when jumping on a new board thats a bit different from my ‘go to board’ there’s always a little doubt as to whether it’s going to go as good as my flavour of the month. In fact, on my first surf of the new Tokyo board I even wrestled two longboards (quite a challenge for someone of 5’3 on a windy day) down to the beach as I was sure I’d be jumping back on old faithful within 5 minutes. The opposite was in fact true and my new flavour of the month is my Tokyo. Lightweight, manoeuvrable and perfectly suited to variable wave conditions at my local breaks I’d certainly recommend these boards to anyone looking for a new magic stick. I’m currently riding the nine-one model, and there are several other boards in their range including a beautiful noserider for lazy summer days and the Ben Howarth Pro Model for surfers looking at a more high performance approach to longboarding. There’s also a huge range of shortboards in their collection too…..Be sure to check out the Board Barn website with all the information on these fantastic surfboards.  (some new photos and videos coming very soon!!!)

My surf shed is pretty stacked out….handplanes, bodyboards, boards for small waves, boards for big waves, fishes, weird boards, old boards, longboards, shortboards. I’d pretty much say I’ve got the right tools for any occasion.

The only thing my quiver lacks is a log…..a real, proper log of a longboard. Over the years I’ve adopted the high performance longboard for my surfing all over the globe, and on so many occasions have been staring at a long pint break on a small day just wishing I had a good old log! Soon my dreams are going to come true…….

I’ve ordered myself a new ‘log’ especially to take with me to the Noosa festival of surfing in March from Christenson Surfboards in California…..these logs are the real deal!!! Excitied does not come close to how I feel……finally I’ll have my dream log for those long Noosa Pointbreaks!!!!


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