Coming back to Cali……

Coming back to California...

After such a long summer of pretty average waves and working my socks off, come October I’m certainly going to be in need of a little break! Luckily, I’ve just booked my tickets for California!! Can’t wait to go back!!!!!

This time my trip is a little different. I’m taking my mum and her friend on a bit of a family holiday! Im not upping the luxury stakes by any means though – they’ll be vanning it with me for a couple of weeks whilst we explore the California coast. Luckily, with so many great things to see and do they’ll be entertained whilst I sneak in a few waves along the way.

It’ll also be a nice opportunity to do some ‘touristy’ things that usually surfing would take priority over.  Looking forward to going back to San Diego zoo, driving the Big Sur and a little visit to the Monteray Bay Aquarium is certainly in order.

Also looking forward to picking up some new surfboards ahead of the winter season. After breaking my favourite board in Noosa during the winter I can’t wait to get a replacement and be back in the water!!

California dreaming already……


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