Christmas wish list

Only 4 weeks until Christmas! This winter is going pretty quick, and before we know it’ll we’ll be donning the tinsel and drinking mulled wine…..well, actually the mulled wine bit has already started…whoops!

I do enjoy Christmas, but I’m certainly not your regular ‘run of the mill’ present buyer.  I love to buck the latest trends and steer away from the norm……no Argos catalogue in my house. Instead, I love to give something with meaning, that will be well received, kept, loved, used, shared and most importantly enjoyed.  I’d love to share with you some of my very favourite things – things I’ve really been loving lately, and many of which will also make great gifts.  Some are also items that I’ll be giving this Xmas, and are even on my wish list too…… I hope you enjoy my festive finds and feel inspired with your gift giving this festive season. Enjoy xx Ash xx


Ok, I couldn’t wait for Christmas to come round for this one.  I picked one up for myself on my most recent trip to California. After 20 odd years of wresting my surfboard to the beach – and with current love for big, heavier traditional longboards, either I was going to end up with one arm several inches longer than the other or have employ myself a caddy to get down to the beach this winter. My 10 minute walk to the beach when it’s zero degrees and 30mph wind is always amusing! Luckily the solution comes in the form of a very simple ‘rail grabber’.  They fit conveniently around the rail of your board and give you a nice handle to grip onto…..simple yet effective.  If you know someone who loves to surf and is regularly faces with a little trek to the beach they will love you for this! Best of all they ship internationally from California for FREE.  I’d been putting off getting one of these for a while…but who cares if you look cool or not…..I’ll be the one who’s laughing all the way to the beach!!

Get yours here: (costs about £15)

Sombora beach toes Nail Varnish at Roo's Beach

I finally managed to kick a lifelong and awful habit of biting my nails a couple years ago I have turned a complete nail varnish addict. With my love of bright and colourful things, it’s rare you’ll find me not adorning my newest favourite colour.  As many surf girls will know the upkeep for presentable nails when you’re in and out of the saltwater all day long can be a nightmare.  Whilst newly painted nails look awesome, chipped faded and flaked varnish looks horrendous and can at times be a little embarrassing!

If you love bright colours (and are an ocean lover like myself) forever in the search of a nail varnish that is a little tougher and doesn’t fade after your first surf session then head along to Roo’s Beach and take a look at their selection of Beach Toes.  This Australian made varnish is pure summer in a bottle and Roo’s beach are the only UK stockist.

My current favourite and latest addition is ‘Sunday Session’. A neon pink that brightens up even the gloomiest of winter days.

Listen up surf boys….your Girlfriend will LOVE this….and in fact, Roo’s Beach Stocks everything you could possibly need to keep your chick happy!! Get shopping 🙂

Beach toes nail varnish roos beach

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