Ashleigh Bennetts

I love to surf  – my life evolves around the tide. I love to travel – meeting new people and exploring new cultures. The are many people I have stumbled upon from all corners for the globe who I am proud to call my friends – with some who are so close they might as well be family. I like travel far and wide with not much of a plan. I hope that for all of those who I have met and will meet in the future that my new blog can be a way with keeping in touch with me….and you never know, I may even bump into you out in the lineup!

I’m fortunate to own my own wonderful Surf Academy at Watergate Bay on the North coast of Cornwall – I work here as a surf coach and general busy body! Theoretically I am the ‘big boss’ but I love my work, my team of coaches and the wonderful people I get to meet every single day. I enjoy being outdoors and in the ocean with the sun and salt water on my skin. I gain a huge amount of pleasure out of teaching surfing to those who’ve never set foot on a board before and helping others to progress further with their skills.

I enjoy photography and I hope to share many of my captured moments here with you all on my blog – a nice little outlet for my creative side!

I have also taken to surfing’s competitive stage during recent years and I’m pleased to be part of a great surfing community, showcasing some brilliant innovative surfing and inspiring others to do the same. Here you can view my official ASP Europe Profile


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